Colombian consensus on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of Candida Spp. disease in children and adults*,+

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José M. Oñate
Pilar Rivas
Christian Pallares
Carlos H. Saavedra
Ernesto Martínez
Wilfrido Coronell
Eduardo López
Indira Berrio
Carlos A. Álvarez-Moreno
Gustavo E. Roncancio
Janier Segura
Juan D. Vélez
Jorge A. Cortes
Claudia M. Parra-Giraldo
Jorge E. Álvarez
Andrés F. Romero
Iván Zuluaga
Germán Camacho


Invasive Candidiasis (IC) and candidemia (as its most frequent manifestation) have become the main cause of opportunistic mycosis at hospital settings. This study, made by members of the Colombian Association of Infectious Diseases (ACIN), was aimed at providing a set of recommendations for the management, follow-up and prevention of IC / candidemia and mucous membrane candida infection in adult, pediatric and neonatal patients in a hospital setting, including the hemato-oncological and critical care units. All the data obtained through an exhaustive search were reviewed and analyzed in a comprehensive manner by all the members of the group, and the recommendations issued are being made after a careful review of the scientific literature available and the consensus of all specialists involved; the emergence of Candida Spp. problem is highlighted and a correct orientation to health professionals regarding the management of patients with candidiasis is provided in a rational and practical way, emphasizing patient evaluation, diagnostic strategies, prophylaxis, empirical treatment, directed treatment and preventative therapy.

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