Disseminaded coccidiodomycosis presentig as acute respiratory distress syndrome in a liver postrasplant recipient

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Darwin Lambraño-Castillo
Alvaro López-Iñiguez
Juan Sierra-Madero


Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) is a respiratory process of acute onset, showing on X rays as bilateral pulmonary infiltrates and severe respiratory failure, Coccidiodomycosis is a unusual cause of acute respiratory distress syndrome, the incidence of coccidiomycosis in a solid organ trasplant recipientes ranges from 1.4% a 6.9%, inadecuancy of cellular inmunity is a well established risk factor for development of coccididomcosis, less than 1% of patients develop disseminaded infecction and carrying high mortality, the case that we are presenting add to the small list of reports documenting the ocasionally acute and agressive nature of the disseminated clinical form of coccidiodomycosis.

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